Marcus Liew

Director – Sales, Marketing & Business Development

A Bachelor of Management graduate with more than a decade’s worth of experience in the fire protection industry, Marcus is responsible for the implementation of the company’s sales strategies and techniques in Malaysia as well as across South East Asia.  The steadfast confidence he has in the company’s products and services motivates him to promote them at conferences and events, both locally and internationally.  Always keeping himself abreast of the latest developments within the industry, Marcus ensures that the company stays competitive by planning and coordinating the implementation of new business plans, as well as negotiating agreements for contracts with customers while ensuring commerciality.  Generating ideas for product development and penetration of new market would also be his key responsibilities.

Marcus’ Motto:

Your future path is determined based on the decisions you make, and wise decisions come from experiences gained through effective problem-solving over time.

Ryan Liew

Director – Engineering

Roy Liew

Director – Factory

Ray Liew

Director – Branding