Roy Liew

Director – Factory

Roy manages the manufacturing division, directing and coordinating all production-related activities for the company.  Having graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), he develops and implements production tracking and quality control systems, as well as making sure that production budgets are always met.  A very hands-on person who strives for perfection, he is responsible for setting and monitoring product standards, making certain that finished products are of prescribed quality.  Roy is actively involved when it comes to meeting production demands for the company, and constantly engages with the management, sales and marketing, as well as the engineering division to ensure smooth operations within the manufacturing division.

Roy’s Motto:

Difficulties faced will only make you stronger, for they act as stepping stones leading to your success.

Marcus Liew

Director – Sales, Marketing & Business Development

Ryan Liew

Director – Engineering

Ray Liew

Director – Branding

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